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Toilet Problems In Robbins, Il?

For many homeowners, the bathroom is among the most used rooms in the house. That's why it's no surprise that a malfunctioning toilet is among the most common plumbing problems. A damaged toilet can lead to a big inconvenience for all in the household - particularly if there is just one bathroom in the home. It's safe to say that if you have a broken or clogged toilet, you probably need Toilet Repair Orland Park IL as fast as possible. While there are some toilet problems that call for a simple repair, there are others that are more involved. Basically, because a toilet tank contains a number of moving parts, there are problems that require a plumber.

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Here are a few examples of that probably mean your toilet is beyond the "do it yourself" stage

Water collecting around the base of the toilet in Robbins, Il
If you are seeing this, clean up the area with paper towels. Then leave a few extra paper towels around the toilet's base and check a while later. If the paper towels are wet it could be due to a worn out wax seal around the base. For a quick solution to this common problem, call A-1 Superior Plumbing & Sewer and we will dispatch a plumber to replace the wax ring. 
Slow tank refill in Robbins, Il
This could be caused by a broken flush valve or by a leaking flapper. Remove the tank lid and then flush the toilet: if you see the flush valve getting stuck it's a sign that the part should be replaced. You might also see that water is leaking through the flapper, which would require a seal repair. Call A-1 for prompt Toilet Repair in Robbins, Il to this commonly reported plumbing problem. 
Irregular Running Water in Robbins, Il
A leaking flush valve can cause occasional running water. For a solution, an A-1 plumber will typically need to take out the toilet's tank ball and then install a new valve.
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Water Heater Installation & Repair in Robbins, Il

Water Heater Robbins, Il

A-1 Superior Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. Your Robbins, Il Professional Water Heater Repair & Replacement in Robbins, Il. Our valued customers can rely on flat, affordable rates for any water heater services we do! Get a FREE estimate or schedule our services today at (708)460-3602.
If your home's water heater is inefficient, not sized properly, or simply broken, A-1 Superior Plumbing & Sewer is here to help. Whether you need speedy repairs, preventative maintenance, or installation of a new water heater, you can depend on our service for a variety of water heaters: gas, propane, tankless, or electric.


Most hot water usage is for taking showers and doing laundry. With an efficient water heater in your home, you'll worry less about your water bills and enjoy monthly savings!


Typically, tank water heaters have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years. Tank heaters are generally more inexpensive than tankless heaters.


Tankless water heaters have a lifespan of about 18 to 20 years. They can be a very reliable and efficient unit for homes. Ask us about the many benefits of tankless!


Tank water heaters can last longer if they are drained and refilled regularly. This helps lengthen the lifespan of the unit by getting rid of any residue buildup.

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Frozen Pipes in Robbins, Il

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The wintertime brings certain property maintenance issues that all homeowners should keep an eye on. When the temperatures get lower and lower, one of those major issues is Frozen Pipes in Robbins, Il. Below you'll find some helpful information on why frozen pipes can pose a hazard, and a few indicators that a pipe is frozen.

The most apparent danger presented by Frozen Pipes in Robbins, Il is that they can prevent access to running water.
This can interfere with your household's access to clean drinking water and capacity to shower, wash dishes, or do laundry. Another problem that can arise due to frozen pipes is the pipe could be at risk of bursting. Once the water inside a pipe freezes, it creates pressure between the switched off faucet and the frozen blockage. That pressure can build to a point where the pipe explodes.

Sump Pump Service in Robbins, Il

Generally, flooding in basements occurs most frequently when water builds up in the surrounding area and overflows inside. A Sump Pump in Robbins, Il is usually positioned in the basement at its lowest level. Its purpose is to pump the water back out and away from the home before the level of the water reaches the basement's floor level. Sump pumps are typically installed for two reasons: one is when the home's basement is located where flooding may be a recurring problem. The second reason is if the water table is equal or above the home's foundation. 

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Sump Pumps in Robbins, Il are usually wired into the home's electrical system and may also have a backup battery as a safeguard against power failures.
To make sure that a sump pump remains in reliable condition, it's necessary to inspect it routinely. To do so yourself, simply take off the sump pump's cover and pour some water into its tank. The pump's float should rise, which is the trigger for the pump's motor to start. Once this happens, the water level in the tank should quickly drain. Once the water is cleared, the pump should shut off. Most complications regarding sump pumps are with the float. If the sump pump will not start up, it could be because the float is stuck. Reposition the float - it the pump again fails to start, the float may need replacement. If the pump fails to turn off once the water is drained from the tank, that too is a sign that the float may need to be replaced. Our plumbers are experienced in sump pump maintenance and can evaluate your existing pump or install a new one for you.  

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